The Guardian view on the future of buildings: make do and mend | Editorial April 17, 2022
Demolition and construction are hugely carbon-intensive. Developers must change their waysA controversial decision by London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, to allow the demolition of a flagship Marks & Spencer store on London’s Oxford Street is one of the highest-profile instances so far of what is certain to become a wider debate about embodied carbon. This crucial […]
  • ‘We’re trying to turn the magnet towards optimism’: Cate Blanchett on her new climate crisis podcast April 17, 2022
    In Climate of Change, old friends actor Cate Blanchett and clean energy entrepreneur Danny Kennedy aim to offer ordinary people real-life solutions to environmental disasterCate Blanchett is Australian. I mention this fact because I’d forgotten it, somehow, so her manner of speaking – upbeat, front-footed, Aussie-accented – comes as a surprise. And I’ve spent quite […]
    Miranda Sawyer
  • Salt spat highlights Canadian national park’s troubling history April 17, 2022
    Park agency’s order to stop harvesting salts for commercial gain has angered Indigenous communityFor years, Melissa Daniels has been travelling to the vast wilds of northern Alberta to harvest naturally occurring salts on lands her ancestors once hunted and fished. She blends the salt with wildflowers from the woods and sells it in small batches.But […]
    Leyland Cecco in Toronto
  • ‘We’re running out of time’: Dan Saladino on why the loss of diversity in our foods matters April 17, 2022
    His new book explores wild and endangered foods and explains how we lost so much in the blink of an evolutionary eyeDan Saladino is a journalist and presenter of the weekly Food Programme on BBC Radio 4 where he’s been reporting on food and agriculture for the past 15 years. It’s a great career for […]
    Nina Lakhani in conversation with Dan Saladino
  • Six arrested after climate activists scale oil tanker in central London April 17, 2022
    Olympic gold medallist Etienne Stott among protesters calling for an end to investment in fossil fuelSix people were arrested after climate-change activists clambered on top of an oil tanker in central London on Saturday.Environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion said three people in Bayswater Road had climbed on top of the Shell tanker where they held […]
    Robin McKie
  • Plants hold key to developing future cancer treatments April 17, 2022
    Scientists say the natural world has an important role to play in creating new drugs to fight the diseaseCancer care relies on complex therapies involving radioactive materials and sophisticated drugs and has come far from past remedies based on plants and herbs.However, scientists warn there is still a need to understand the botanical roots of […]
    Robin McKie
  • Forty XR activists arrested in various anti-fossil fuel protests across London April 16, 2022
    Olympians Etienne Stott and Laura Baldwin among those who climbed on oil tanker, while others hung banner from Marble ArchSix people have been arrested after Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists, including two Olympians, scaled an oil tanker in west London. The Metropolitan police said that 40 people were arrested in total on Saturday in a number […]
    Sarah Haque and Nadeem Badshah
  • Sinking feeling: cruise ships chart return to Australia amid emissions concerns April 16, 2022
    With pandemic disruption receding, will the industry’s return and expansion lead to sustainable cruising – or more pollution?The Norwegian designers of the MM130 call it a “revolutionary” vessel. The first of 14 hydrogen-powered cruise ships – 130 metres long, 22 metres wide, six decks high and with the ability to carry 300 passengers and 100 […]
    Royce Kurmelovs
  • Women with electric rickshaws combat Delhi’s toxic air – and its sexism April 16, 2022
    Break into male-dominated public-transport helps tackle city’s pollution crisis and safety concernsMonika Devi is thrilled to be driving her autorickshaw. The 35-year-old has two reasons to be particularly proud as she winds her way through New Delhi’s insanely congested streets.She is one of the first women to be driving one of the three-wheeled taxis that […]
    Amrit Dhillon in Delhi