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  • ‘Goldmine’ collection of wheat from 100 years ago may help feed the world, scientists say July 14, 2024
    A British geneticist scoured the globe for diverse grains in the 1920s. His research could be vital as the climate changesA hundred years ago, the plant scientist Arthur Watkins launched a remarkable project. He began collecting samples of wheat from all over the globe, nagging consuls and business agents across the British empire and beyond […]
    Robin McKie Science editor
  • Snowy 3.0? Experts say Australia has ‘so many good sites’ for more pumped hydro July 13, 2024
    Such schemes have their critics but the technology, which has been known for a century, could help many nations reach net zeroFollow our Australia news live blog for latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastSnowy Hydro’s beleaguered tunnel boring machine, Florence, seems to be regularly stuck between soft […]
    Peter Hannam
  • Goats of gold: Australia’s feral goat problem has become a $235m export trade July 13, 2024
    Australia is the world’s largest exporter of goat meat despite accounting for just 0.4% of total global production – and it’s mostly from wild herdsSign up for the Rural Network email newsletterJoin the Rural Network group on Facebook to be part of the communityOn a sprawling property in outback Australia, Nick Deshon and his team […]
    Mandy McKeesick
  • Labour’s ‘rooftop revolution’ to deliver solar power to millions of UK homes July 13, 2024
    Ed Miliband sets new rules on solar panels and approves three giant solar farms as Labour seeks to end years of Tory inactionKeir Starmer’s Labour government unveils plans for a “rooftop revolution” today that will see millions more homes fitted with solar panels in order to bring down domestic energy bills and tackle the climate […]
    Toby Helm and Robin McKie
  • After Hurricane Beryl’s destruction, climate scientists fear for what’s next July 13, 2024
    Experts say devastating hurricane so early in season is ‘big wake-up call’ – and predict even more powerful stormsThe poignancy was unmistakable: prognosticators at Colorado State University amended their already miserable seasonal tropical cyclone forecast on Monday precisely as Hurricane Beryl was filling Houston’s streets with floodwater and knocking out power to more than 2m […]
    Richard Luscombe
  • Where are all the butterflies this summer? Their absence is telling us something important | Tony Juniper July 13, 2024
    This isn’t down to one wet, cold British spring but a disturbing longer-term decline in insects. Thankfully, we can helpAnyone with even a passing interest in the natural world will have noticed a dramatic phenomenon this year: a lack of insects. Perhaps most noticeable is the near-absence of butterflies. Species that are usually common, such […]
    Tony Juniper
  • £1.2bn plan to turn sewage waste into drinking water branded a ‘white elephant’ July 13, 2024
    Southern Water says it wants to protect rare chalk streams, but campaigners say it could pollute the SolentA £1.2bn scheme to recycle effluent from the sewage system and turn it into drinking water has been branded a threat to the environment and a potential costly “white elephant”.Southern Water wants to treat effluent – wastewater from […]
    Jon Ungoed-Thomas
  • Climate crisis has impact on insects’ colours and sex lives, study finds July 13, 2024
    Scientists fear adaptations to global heating may leave some species struggling to mate successfullyAn ambush bug with a darker-coloured body is better at snagging a sexual partner than its brighter counterpart when it is chilly. Darker males can warm up more easily in the early mornings, and therefore get busy while everybody else is still […]
    Sofia Quaglia
  • The story of a heat death: David went to work in his new job on a French building site. By the end of the day he was dead July 13, 2024
    He was keen to impress in his new job just as a heatwave was gripping the country. What can David Azevedo’s story tell us about the threat increasingly extreme weather poses to human health?For Anne-Marie Azevedo, 13 July 2022 started off like a normal day. Her brother David was staying with her while he got […]
    Samira Shackle
  • Sleeping on waste: How to recycle a mattress in Australia so that it doesn’t end up in landfill (or on the street) | Maddie Thomas July 13, 2024
    It is possible to give your mattress a second life. Here are some handy tipsChange by Degrees offers life hacks and sustainable living tips each Saturday to help reduce your household’s carbon footprintGot a question or tip for reducing household emissions? Email us at changebydegrees@theguardian.comAbout 1.8m mattresses are thrown out each year in Australia, often […]
    Maddie Thomas