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  • Peter Dutton’s nuclear power push does not address the urgency of the climate crisis we now find ourselves in | Alan Finkel June 19, 2024
    Temperatures are rising much faster than anticipated. We must respond with the following rapid solutionsFollow our Australia news live blog for latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastThe reality of climate change is well accepted. The newest problem is that it is unfolding faster than anticipated.The Coalition’s push […]
    Alan Finkel
  • Aerial footage shows 10,000-acre wildfire in northern California – video June 18, 2024
    Aerial footage has revealed the scale of a wildfire in Colusa County, northern California. Video released by California forest protection department showed the blaze covers 10,000 acres. Firefighters in California have been struggling with several wildfires, which have led to evacuation orders and warnings in affected areasStrong winds hamper crews battling Los Angeles area’s first […]
    Guardian Staff
  • ‘We have to be all things to our children’: how a school made sure pupils had time to play June 18, 2024
    Brighton primary has worked with organisation to provide better quality time outsideChildren deprived of outdoor play at higher risk of obesity, say doctorsEvery Friday morning Damien Jordan can be seen walking back and forth in the local park, staring at the grass. He’s checking for dog mess and drug paraphernalia; in the next 10 minutes […]
    Harriet Grant
  • Indian engineers warn of prolonged blackouts amid searing heatwave June 18, 2024
    Increasing use of fans, air coolers and air conditioners is placing ‘serious’ strain on grid in north of countryEngineers in India have warned of the possibility of prolonged power outages in the north, where a heatwave has brought misery for millions of people.Demand for electricity has soared due to fans, air coolers and air conditioners […]
    Amrit Dhillon in Delhi
  • How Britain’s oldest animal welfare charity became a byword for cruelty on an industrial scale | George Monbiot June 18, 2024
    As it celebrates its 200th birthday, the RSPCA has lost its way - and is helping endorse indefensible abuse in factory farmsHow does it happen? How does an organisation end up doing the opposite of what it was established to do? This month marks the 200th anniversary of the foundation of the Royal Society for […]
    George Monbiot
  • From Silicon Valley to Silicon Savannah: climate expert Patrick Verkooijen on why this is Africa’s century June 18, 2024
    The University of Nairobi’s new chancellor says the continent has vast potential – but to realise the promise of AI and green jobs, rich countries must honour their commitmentsAfrica has all the potential to meet pressing climate challenges with innovative solutions, according to one of the world’s renowned environmentalists. With its vast natural capital and […]
    Kenneth Mohammed in Nairobi
  • ‘A distressing reality’: our beautiful planet under threat – in pictures June 18, 2024
    Stark images of coal markets, coastal cleanups and a photographer who burns her own work all feature in this year’s Earth Photo awards Continue reading...
    Guardian Staff
  • Plantwatch: the trees that synchronise reproduction around summer solstice June 18, 2024
    Beech trees across Europe coordinate their seed production each year even over vast distances and climatesThe summer solstice triggers a remarkable phenomenon in beech trees. All across Europe the beech trees synchronise their reproduction at the solstice, even over vast distances and climates.The solstice has the longest hours of daylight of the year, and an […]
    Paul Simons
  • ‘Your plastic is here’: how Easter Island copes with 500 pieces of rubbish an hour washing ashore June 18, 2024
    One of the world’s most remote populations must deal with a flood of multinational plastic, much of it tossed overboard by the factory fishing ships hoovering up sealife just offshorePhotographs by Akira FranklinFrom a distance, the colourful beach at Ovahe seems a postcard-perfect mosaic of natural beauty. Craggy volcanic boulders, pockmarked from bubbling lava, jut […]
    Jonathan Franklin in Easter Island, Chile
  • Country diary: A wild place that should be treasured, not bulldozed | Mark Cocker June 18, 2024
    Macclesfield, Cheshire: Such biodiversity packed into Danes Moss, with micro moths, groundhoppers and countless other species – and yet it is under acute threatOur field club recently visited this area of wild ground on the edge of town called Danes Moss. The trip was inspired by local naturalists who have logged more than 1,600 plant and animal […]
    Mark Cocker