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  • Scientists transplant soil fungi in race to save the world’s rthreatened orchids May 24, 2024
    Display at Chelsea flower show highlights work in UK and US to bring orchid habitats back to healthScientists are racing against the clock to save the world’s orchids by discovering the soil fungi they need to thrive, breeding them and then, in a first for conservation, transplanting them into orchid habitats.Among the showy blooms at […]
    Helena Horton Environment reporter
  • Environment Agency chief admits regulator buries freedom of information requests May 24, 2024
    Speaking at the UK River Summit, Philip Duffy said officials do not want to reveal the true ‘embarrassing’ environmental pictureThe head of the Environment Agency has admitted that freedom of information requests have been buried by the regulator because the truth about the environment in England is “embarrassing”.Philip Duffy, the body’s chief executive, told an […]
    Helena Horton Environment reporter
  • North Yorkshire town has UK’s highest concentration of ‘forever chemicals’ May 24, 2024
    PFAS contamination recorded in groundwater on Angus Fire site in Bentham, and includes chemicals with known health impactsA small North Yorkshire town has been found to have the highest concentration of “forever chemicals” in the UK, it can be revealed.The market town of Bentham, which is home to 3,000 people and set on the banks […]
    Pippa Neill
  • Week in wildlife – in pictures: dormouse gets a checkup, a lucky kingfisher and a waving seal pup May 24, 2024
    The best of this week’s wildlife photographs from around the world Continue reading...
    Joanna Ruck
  • Australian student helps discover potentially habitable planet the size of Earth – video May 24, 2024
    Shishir Dholakia of the University of Southern Queensland's Centre for Astrophsics has identified Gliese 12b, a possibly temperate Earth-sized planet just 40 light years away. The student has been co-leading an international team that published the discovery in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyEarth-sized planet spotted orbiting small star with 100 times sun’s […]
  • ‘We’re up for this fight’: Labour plans to make climate key focus of election May 24, 2024
    Leadership now sees environment as core issue for voters and strong dividing line against the ToriesLabour is planning to make the climate a key focus for its election campaign, putting its net zero commitments “up in lights”, and drawing a clear link between the “chaos” of the Conservative government and the effects of the climate […]
    Fiona Harvey and Helena Horton
  • Country diary: The unlikely kinship between swallows and donkeys | Claire Stares May 24, 2024
    Hayling Island, Hampshire: The local sanctuary is an ideal place to live for a returning hirundine with mouths to feedWhen we arrive at the donkey sanctuary, the residents are out in the paddocks enjoying the spring sunshine. It’s easy to pick out the retired beach donkeys, their backs bowed from giving rides to holidaying children. One local jack […]
    Claire Stares
  • Norway sued over deep-sea mining plans May 23, 2024
    WWF says the government has breached the law ‘without adequately assessing the consequences’One of the world’s biggest environmental groups is suing the Norwegian government for opening up its seabed for deep-sea mining, claiming that Norway has failed to properly investigate the consequences of this move.WWF-Norway says the government’s decision has breached Norwegian law, goes against […]
    Karen McVeigh
  • ‘I pray to you not to shoot us’: Mali’s Fulani herders languish in camps after violence – in pictures May 23, 2024
    After old rivalries between Dogon farmers and Fulani herders erupted into violence, exacerbated by Islamist rebels, thousands of the semi-nomadic pastoralists have fled to camps in towns, leaving their cherished animals and way of life. Many must beg to survive at sites lacking food and clean water, with no end in sight to the conflict […]
    Photographs and words by Robin Hammond
  • Penguins in peril: why two bird charities are taking South Africa’s environment minister to court May 23, 2024
    Conservationists say Barbara Creecy has failed to implement vital changes to stop fishing around colonies amid fears African penguins could be extinct by 2035It’s 3.40pm on a Thursday and Penguin 999.000000007425712 has just returned to the Stony Point penguin colony in Betty’s Bay, South Africa, after a day of foraging. She glides elegantly through the […]
    Nick Dall in Betty's Bay
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