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  • There’s no such thing as a benign beef farm – so beware the ‘eco-friendly’ new film straight out of a storybook | George Monbiot April 15, 2024
    A highly misleading new documentary claims soil carbon storage can redeem the livestock industry – it’s all so much ‘moo-woo’We draw our moral lines in arbitrary places. We might believe we’re guided only by universal values and proven facts, but often we’re swayed by deep themes of which we might be unaware. In particular, we […]
    George Monbiot
  • Exploring why we photograph animals – in pictures April 15, 2024
    A new collection of wildlife photography aims to help understand why people have photographed animals at different points in history and what it means in the present. Huw Lewis-Jones explores the animal in photography through the work of more than 100 photographers in Why We Photograph Animals, supporting the images with thematic essays to provide […]
    Matt Fidler
  • Country diary: All of life is in these farmyard geese | Kate Blincoe April 15, 2024
    Caistor St Edmund, Norfolk: There’s such comedy in their waddling aggression, and such tragic hope in their clutch that just won’t hatchThere’s a hissing noise, then a peal of nervous laughter. The grey gander is on the rampage again, chasing anyone who comes within a few metres of him and his goose. Usually the pair […]
    Kate Blincoe
  • ‘Solar powered vacuum cleaners’: the native plants that could clean toxic soil April 14, 2024
    Indigenous groups see hope in the environmentally friendly process of bioremediation. But will cities pay attention?It almost looked like a garden. In Taylor Yard, a former railyard near downtown Los Angeles, volunteers knelt down to tend to scrubby plants growing in neat rows under the sweltering sun.But beneath the concrete of the 60-acre site overlooking […]
    Doug Bierend
  • ‘We found 700 different species’: astonishing array of wildlife discovered in Cambodia mangroves April 14, 2024
    Hairy-nosed otters and cats that catch fish are among the startling diversity of creatures making their home in threatened habitatsOne of the most comprehensive biodiversity surveys ever carried out in a mangrove forest has revealed that an astonishing array of wildlife makes its home in these key, threatened habitats.Hundreds of species – from bats to […]
    Robin McKie Science Editor
  • ‘Grownup’ leaders are pushing us towards catastrophe, says former US climate chief April 14, 2024
    Paris agreement negotiator Todd Stern attacks premiers who say that decarbonisation programmes are unrealistic and should be slowed downPolitical leaders who present themselves as “grownups” while slowing the pace of climate action are pushing the world towards deeper catastrophe, a former US climate chief has warned.“We are slowed down by those who think of themselves […]
    Fiona Harvey Environment editor
  • The disease-busting hybrids that could bring back the majestic English elm April 14, 2024
    The tree all but vanished in the 1970s. Now, thanks to two amateur nature lovers, it may soon grace our landscapes againConstable painted them. Shakespeare wrote of them. And Francis Drake sailed the world in a ship made from them. English elms were a mainstay of England’s landscape and culture – until they all but […]
    James Tapper
  • ‘The courgettes were so good last year, I got a tattoo of one’: life on a Birmingham allotment April 14, 2024
    A city of welly-wearers, Birmingham has more allotments than any other UK local authority – some of its keen plotholders tell us whyOn Dads Lane, where several Birmingham suburbs meet, there is a gap in the houses, no wider than a driveway. If you didn’t know what was hiding in there, you would walk straight […]
    Rebecca Nicholson
  • Jail for holding a placard? Protest over the climate crisis is being brutally suppressed | Natasha Walter April 13, 2024
    The legal repression of activism has been fast and frightening, yet it won’t make protesters disappear and only sows divisionYears ago, when Dr Sarah Benn recognised the scale of the climate crisis, she made sure that she was doing all the right things. She recycled, she went vegan, she stopped flying, she voted Green, she signed […]
    Natasha Walter
  • Shell says it ‘lobbies for energy transition’ during climate ruling appeal April 12, 2024
    Company is fighting Dutch court ruling that says it must emit 45% less CO2 by 2030 than in 2019Shell has argued that it “lobbies for, not against, the energy transition” on the final day of its appeal against an important climate ruling.The fossil fuel company is fighting the decision of a Dutch court in 2021 […]
    Ajit Niranjan