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  • Young country diary: I’m racing the mist to the mountain top | Emily February 24, 2024
    Bannau Brycheiniog, south Wales: I’ve got my map, my compass inherited from my granddad, and and extra coat. The race is on!I stand on a grassy slope, gazing at the impending mountain. Mist billows at its ridges, charging into the sky. I begin the climb upward towards the Bannau Brycheiniog mountain range.As the grass gives […]
  • Abandoned pipelines could release poisons into North Sea, scientists warn February 24, 2024
    Researchers say toxic chemicals pose a pollution risk as oil and gas companies are allowed to leave pipelines to rotDecaying oil and gas pipelines left to fall apart in the North Sea could release large volumes of poisons such as mercury, radioactive lead and polonium-210, notorious for its part in the poisoning of Russian defector […]
    Rachel Salvidge and Leana Hosea
  • Rambo part II: wildlife in the forest where the feral fox once roamed is thriving – but is a comeback tour likely? February 23, 2024
    Hunted for years in NSW’s Pilliga, Rambo has now disappeared. In his place is an explosion of native species. But why will no one call Rambo ‘dead’?There is a baby boom of critically endangered native species happening in north-west New South Wales. For the first time in more than a century, the Pilliga scrub – […]
    Angus Fontaine
  • ‘I love you,’ I whisper to the waterhole. When I wake up tomorrow, will it be gone? | Jessie Cole February 23, 2024
    Flooding is now so frequent that the water course shifts endlessly. In northern NSW, flood-PTSD is rifeThis summer, despite a shift to El Niño, my region – northern New South Wales – has been plagued by flood warnings. We are, of course, thankful it is not fire. Flooding here, especially in the warmer months, is […]
    Jessie Cole
  • ‘Our yields are going to be appalling’: one of wettest winters in decades hits England’s farms February 23, 2024
    Flooding top of agenda at NFU conference after extreme weather ruins thousands of acres of crops“We have had the wettest October, November and December since we started keeping records 27 years ago,” says Andrew Ward, a Lincolnshire-based arable farmer.He flicks through videos on his phone of nearby fields that have been devastated by the heavy […]
    Jack Simpson and Helena Horton
  • ‘Fruit bowls are out’: the best ways to store fresh produce, according to experts February 23, 2024
    Food waste is a huge source of greenhouse gases. Keep your fruit and veg firm and delicious by following these handy tipsChange by Degrees offers life hacks and sustainable living tips each Saturday to help reduce your household’s carbon footprintGot a question or tip for reducing household emissions? Email us at changebydegrees@theguardian.comIn the fight to […]
    Koren Helbig
  • ‘Vegetarianism is still seen as a bit odd’: so why is Argentina’s appetite for beef on the wane? February 23, 2024
    Argentinians are among the biggest consumers of beef in the world. But soaring inflation and a growing plant-based eating movement are changing diets in the home of the asadoThe billboard in Buenos Aires shows a piglet standing forlornly by a butcher’s fridge. “Dónde están mis amigos?” – “where are my friends?” – it reads. Such […]
    Sam Meadows in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Weather tracker: Contrasts in cold and heat break records in China February 23, 2024
    Xinjiang in north-west recorded minus 52.3C, while Badu in south recorded 38C – the largest temperature contrast recorded in a single countryChina’s Xinjiang region, in the far west of the country, experienced record-breaking low temperatures of -52.3C on 18 February, surpassing a 64-year-old record for the region. The figure was just shy of the lowest […]
    Matt Williams
  • Greener snowmaking is helping ski resorts tackle climate change February 23, 2024
    As a warming world creates an existential threat for the ski industry, resorts are reducing how much energy they need to make it snowTrudging across the top of Bromley Mountain Ski Resort on a sunny afternoon in January, Matt Folts checks his smartwatch and smiles: 14 degrees fahrenheit. That is very nearly his favorite temperature […]
    Tik Root for Grist, part of the Guardian Environment Network
  • Botanical gardens ‘most effective’ green space at cooling streets in heatwaves February 23, 2024
    Researchers hope the findings will inform policymakers planning cities for a warming worldFew things are as soothing on a hot summer’s day as a walk through a beautiful botanical garden, but they are not just oases of calm. As climate breakdown fuels soaring temperatures, they could prove crucial in moderating the heat in the streets […]
    Damien Gayle
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